“For over 3 decades I have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Makeup & Effects Laboratories, Inc., 18 of those years while running Star Trek. Creating a makeup line that is used by top industry professionals as well as artists who want to build on their skills was a natural progression for MEL. MelPRODUCTS items such as MelPAX and MelGEL and MelBALDCAP are rapidly becoming the industry standard. You can always depend on MelPRODUCTS for quality because they use what they sell. If I was still working I know I would have their products as an essential part of my kit.”

    Michael Westmore

    Multiple Award Winning and Third Generation Makeup Artist



    “A lot of Mel Gel which we absolutely loved…MelPax as well. This stuff is amazing! It dries matte, lets get some more of this stuff! And we are using it again on Black Panther.

    Joel Harlow

    Award Winning Makeup Artist and Dept Head of Star Trek Beyond and Marvel: Black Panther

    “I have been using MelBALDCAPs for a months and could not be happier. I used to rip and destroy thin bald caps until MEL sent me a sample. I do all sorts of weird tricks when I bodypaint like cutting holes, and using glues, pins and prosthetics.  I am now confident going into a project that as long as I’m using the right products my projects will turn out and my bald cap will hold the entire 18 hour day.”

    Kay Pike

    Professional Cosplay Model and Bodypainter


    “MelPAX colors, I used MelPAX Thinners, Mel Prosaide Cream [Mel Gel]. We used it all.”

    Christopher Nelson

    Oscar Winning FX Makeup Dept Head of “Suicide Squad” – The Croc


    “I want to say the [MEL] product I like, the BEST one for me, I like all of them, but the BEST one is the [MEL] 

    Baldcap. Its the best Baldcap I have ever had. The [MEL]Pax is amazing. The MelGEL I like a lot! But the [MEL] 

    Baldcap I tell everybody!” 

    Enzo Mastrantonio 

    Makeup Dept Head – Thor Ragnrok & Penny Dreadful


    “MEL Caps are the best! This is coming from someone that absolutely hates doing bald caps! I love how you almost get the best of both worlds (latex and vinyl) in one cap. They are more elastic than all the other plastic caps out there, and I’ve never had one split. If you have, you know what I mean! The edges melt away quickly and easily. To color them, I tend to use MelPAX. The color selection is the most wide of any other similar product. Now, I say similar, but truly, nothing compares. I like the creaminess, and the elasticity. It’s extremely flexible and doesn’t crack.”

    Mike Spatola

    Makeup Artist and Author of “Monsters Makeup Manual”


    “We use Mel Products to cover the tattoo. Jared Leto has many tattoos and we have to cover the tattoo. Nothing will be best than Mel Products.We also use Mel Products for make a tattoo for painting. Allan was a great collaboration for finding a new color for us. It was AMAZING. We love it! I don’t know what we could have done without Mel Products?

    Alessandro Bertolazzi

    Oscar Winning Makeup Dept Head of “Suicide Squad” – The Joker