Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Announces Lifetime Achievement Nominees


The Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists (MUAH) Guild Awards season is upon us.

The MUAH Guild honors both make-up artists and hair stylists outstanding in motion pictures, television, commercials and live theater. Each year they dedicate two special Lifetime Achievement Awards, one for hair and make-up, to the most accomplished MAUH artists in the industry.

Last year’s well deserved winners, make-up artist Rick Baker and hair stylist Kathryn Blondell, were thrilled to be receiving such award. Not to mention winners Dick Smith and Gail Ryan the year before last.

Check out this video of Rick Baker on the red carpet at last year’s gala.

Some excitement on Twitter about the special award has stirred the conversation as to whom next year’s MUAH Awards winners might be.
The  MUAH Guild posted on their Twitter account that the online voting will begin Oct. 13th.

The nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award this year are astounding artists, each with their own unique style. 

“The nominees in the make-up category are: Bernadine Anderson, Leonard Engelman, Ve Neill, Maurice Stein, and Michael Westmore. The nominees in the hair styling category are: Judy Crown, Renate Leuschner, Martin Samuel, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Yolanda Toussieng.”


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Be sure to make your decision before voting ends at 5pm on February 16th!

The winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be unveiled at the black tie MUAH Awards gala on Saturday, Feb. 20th at Paramount Studios Theatre in Hollywood.