Allan Apone Offers Insight On Make-Up For The Digital Age

Allan Apone


The new digital age has introduced many exciting new aspects of film that have pushed our boundaries even further. The sky is barely the limit. People can record in places never documented before. A big difference with the modern camera is a higher frame rate and an even better resolution. Cameras are made in all sizes and can record in HD, thanks to the smartphone and GoPro. This is exciting for the viewer but a nightmare for make-up artists.

The digital camera has given the viewer the ability to zoom in on our characters and see every detail. Filmmakers are battling to hide the blemishes their new cameras just uncovered. Make-up artist, Allan Apone, has been in the industry for 35 years and knows first hand what it means to apply make-up to an actor for their extreme close-ups on IMAX screens. In Prosthetics Magazine, Allan stated,

“HD cameras have made it just a bit harder to hide edges and imperfections on our actors.”

Although their job has become more difficult, the need for talented make-up artists has increased. Make-up artists are getting more recognition for their skills and it is crucial for those starting out to receive the proper education. There are more schools and classes made available that teach more than just beauty and fashion. Knowing how to properly apply a prosthetic, different make-up effects and make-up for facial hair are examples of key skills. There are many schools and technologies available to students; more importantly, outstanding make-up artists like Allan Apone are willing to share their secrets. Allan said:

“Color theory, in my opinion, should be taught first and foremost. I have encountered so many make-up artists that cannot mix colors to achieve the desired shade that they need. This isn’t just a problem for mixing colors but also for adjusting make-up color given the lighting scheme of the film.”

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Applying a silicone prosthetic and performing a Pros Aid transfers are skills you can learn in a few of these make-up classes. This is an opportunity made available by those artists who struggled throughout their career to discover these new methods of changing an appearance on their own. Now, having a knowledge base that includes staple products like foam latex and gelatin is consider an industry standard. What’s comforting is that these classes are taught by the best in the business. There’s no better way to learn than from the best.

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